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Free Webinar Series

Picture of Support (IOU open campus)
Free Webinar Series
by Support (IOU open campus) - Thursday, 28 July 2011, 10:57 AM

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1st Speaker:

Dr. Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips

(Founder and Dean of Islamic Online University)

On the Topic: Changing The Nation Through Education

On 3rd August 2011

At the Time:  3:00 PM Arab Standard Time (GMT +3)


9:00 PM Arab Standard Time (GMT +3)

 2nd Speaker:

Sr. Zohra Sarwari

(International Author, Speaker, Life and Business Coach.)

On the Topic: How To Multiply Your Rewards and Finances Tremendously

(A Fundraiser)

On 7th August

At the Time: 7:00 PM Arab Standard Time


11:00 PM Arab Standard Time

This is a grand opportunity for you to interact with

Shaikh Bilal Philips and Sr. Zohra Sarwari.

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