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Convocation of a Talib al 'ilm

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Convocation of a Talib al 'ilm
by Support (IOU open campus) - Tuesday, 2 August 2011, 6:32 AM

This webinar series has been blessed with bonuses for our dear attendees, Alhamdulillah! There is yet another bonus coming up insha Allah in our upcoming webinar with Dr. Bilal Philips - the convocation programme of the first student to complete our Diploma requirements.

It was just a few weeks back that the 24th course of the IOU diploma went online and within a few days of that we had our first student complete that course. This student had already completed the other courses and was eagerly awaiting the release of this course and wasted no time once it was released !

We are sure there will be many more following his footsteps soon bi iznillaah. To obtain the diploma one needs complete the 24 courses that form the diploma. More courses will be added soon but the requirement to obtain the diploma will remain the same - 24 core courses.

Our brother will be awarded the diploma by Dr. Bilal Philips himself in this webinar in sha Allah.

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We hope you don't wanna miss this very rare opportunity and we highly expect your presence with us in this joyful event!