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Be A Volunteer Facilitator at IOU!

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Be A Volunteer Facilitator at IOU!
by IOU Announcements - Saturday, 23 June 2012, 10:13 AM
As-Salaamu'Alaikum Wa-Rahmatullaahi Wa-Barakaatuh

It's been the dream of many of us to serve the deen of Allah in so many ways. Islamic Online University, since its birth has been a platform to give those opportunities to the muslims globally. So as always, we bring another opportunity in front of you to serve the deen of Allah in an excellent and effective manner.

Islamic Online University is currently offering the posts of Facilitators for the Diploma section which provides completely free courses and have over 50,000 students.

We want sincere, dedicated, enthusiastic, creative and always seeking to improve members on board.

If you have the passion to learn and teach, then you are the one we are looking for!

Are you willing to dedicate your time and effort in this cause? Why wait for a second chance? Act now! Drop your CV at and join our dynamic team of non-profit volunteers, InshaAllah.

Jazakum Allaahu Khair