Disclaimer for IOU Software library

As salam alaykum.

With a view of providing the students of The International Open University (IOU), previously known as the Islamic Online University, with good, free software and tools that will aid them in Islamic work, the IOU team humbly offers this small collection.

These are software programs that the IOU team feels would be beneficial inshAllaah. These software are provided solely as a help in your Islamic studies and Dawah activities.

The IOU team has not made these software nor does it have any affiliation with the makers of these. So, these programs are provided as it is without any guarantees or warranty. Although the IOU team has recommended only those software which at least one member has safely tried out, we feel it necessary to point out that we are not responsible for any damage or losses of any kind caused by the use or misuse of the programs.The IOU is under no obligation to provide support, service, corrections, or upgrades to the free software programs.

In the event that the IOU receives a legitimate, verified request from a webmaster of a particular website to remove a link for the software page, the link shall be removed within a reasonable period of time.

The IOU reserves the right to add, delete, or modify any materials on this page or any or all terms of use at any time with or without advance notice.

Softwares related to PDFs and other document types

The world's first free PDF reader, creator, and more
A free PDF reader that allows one to create, annotate, save forms, and sign PDF files.This is a good resource for the students who like to take notes in the PDF itself


OpenOffice.org - The Free and Open Productivity Suite
OpenOffice.org: The Free, Open Source Office Suite. An alternative for Microsoft Office. Students may use this for opening and editing document files, excel sheets , power point


Skim | Home
Skim is a free PDF reader for MAC/ Apple users , which has features like creating PDFs, Taking notes etc


Plug Ins AlQuran for Microsoft Word Version 2.2
This is an addon for MS Word 2003 or later, With this wonderful add on you just need to type chapter number and verse number in MS word and the required verse with translation will appear


Microsoft Maren| Download
Microsoft Maren is a Windows extension that comes to the rescue, allowing you to type Arabic in Roman characters (Romanized Arabic, Arabizi, Arabish) and have it converted on the fly to Arabic script.


Softwares related to audio and video

Miro Video Player | Download
Miro is a free software for MAC users that will help view audio and video files of many formats. You may use Miro to download audio/video from the The International Open University (IOU), previously known as the Islamic Online University


Many students expressed complains about being unable to record audio using audacity, so we found an alternative, This is useful for the students to record assignments in Arabic, Also useful for recording the voice from live streaming Islamic Lectures


Softwares related to productivity

Autotext - Clipboard Utility - Snippets Organizer
PhraseExpress saves time with features like autotext auto complete Spell Checking. With this tool Da'ees and Students can create their own phrases which are commonly used in Dawah and you need to type it always just a few clicks and you get the text


Dropbox - Online backup, file sync, and sharing made easy.
Dropbox is an easy way to store, sync, and, share files online. Dropbox works seamlessly with your operating system and automatically makes sure your files are up-to-date. Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.


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