Course Image Sister Zohra Sarwari: How to Deal with Difficult People

Have you ever had to deal with a difficult person in your life whom made you feel really bad or even cry?I feel that we all have;Difficult people exist everywhere, from our own homes, to our jobs, to our classmates, customers we have to daily deal with. These people can push our buttons to where sometimes we may want to explode! However, as believers, we cannot blow up or get affected by these people. We should be able to keep ourselves cool at all times insha’Allaah, as that is what the Prophet (PBUH) taught us!

Course Image Jam Packed June with Shaykh Furqan Jabbar

A short course tackling some enthralling topics! The course will be looking at the following:'The Accursed Enemy: SATAN', 'ZAKAH ; its principles' .

Course Image Riba Buster - Introduction to Islamic Finance (RB 101)

This course is design to familiarize the students with the key concepts of the Islamic finance and introduce them to the different terminologies, their meanings and interpretations in the light of the Islamic commercial law and the Islamic finance.