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IOU Presents Hajj Course Videos

Picture of Hira Adnan (Promotions Coordinator)
IOU Presents Hajj Course Videos
by Hira Adnan (Promotions Coordinator) - Sunday, 14 October 2012, 5:20 AM

 As-Salaamu'Alaikum Wa-Rahmatullaahi Wa-Barakaatuh

I pray that you are in an increasing state of Eemaan and good health 

IOU is pleased to present over 9 Hours of video explanation of Hajj from "Kitaab-ul-Hajj" from "Daleel-ut-Taalib" –( "The Book of Pilgrimage" from "The Seeker's Guide" ) by Shaykh Sayyid Habib which he presented at Ma’hadul Furqan in Kuwait during their 3rd Legislative & Educational Seminar. [Allah protect him and them. Ameen.]

 We are presenting these videos for ALL STUDENTS, and also those who are making their journey for Hajj, Allah accept it from you as well as those who are just interested in learning the steps to an accepted Hajj, insha’Allah.

The link for the complete playlist is:

Jazakumullah Khair
Wassalam o alikum