Course Image Eternal Bond: Marital Lessons from 40 Prophetic Traditions (EBD 100)

This course covers 40 Prophetic Advices which are related to Marital lessons. The advices are for both males and females. This course teaches us the prerequisites of spouses for marriage, their financial situation and despite of different nature of male and female how to handle each other for a healthy family life.

Course Image Empowered Muslimah

IOU presents its Latest Personal Development Course

Empowered Muslimah

Instructed by: Bela Khan

Empower Yourself to lead yourself and lead your family to the full potential that Allah created you for!

Course Image Healing the Soul: Curing Modern Illnesses (PSY 001)

This course is based on the IOU’s first ever online conference on psychological wellbeing held in May 2015. This course covers the definition of Mental Health and ways to reduce the stigma, develop the self esteem, ways to deal with different types of relationship, dealing with disaster and much more.

Course Image TALK - Master the Art of Public Speaking

If you have the passion to speak for Islam - get ready to TALK! Though this course is a short course, it teaches you how to talk with others in a presentable manner. This course helps you how to utilize your speech in a beautiful way to please Allah(swt).

Course Image 360 Degree Young Leadership Development Program (YL 360)

YL360 is a comprehensive program aimed at taking you through a transformational journey that is filled with self reflection, application and improvement, both in the duniya and akhirah. This course covers the topics related to;Purification of Soul, Muslim contribution to Science and Civilization, Family Leadership, Time Management, Islamic Ethics and much more.

Course Image Islamization of Education in Muslim Schools and Homes (LPI 01)

Wondering how to include Islamic values and principles in your schools’ curriculum? Inernational Open University brings a special course that will help you integrate Islamic knowledge with secular education. It is a short course. This course covers: what is the Islamic approach to knowledge is, to clarify the need for Islamization of education, how to prepare Islamic Education lesson plans and so on.

Course Image The Seven Gems: Conquer Your Duniya and Aakhirah

Are you staring at the crossroads of life and are skeptical about your decisions? Do you want to be a leader but lack the much needed leadership qualities? Has repeated failures made your search for solutions look elusive? This course helps the students to achieve the good communications skills as a leader in an organisation, parents and as a highly effective Muslim in a community.

Course Image Arabic Speech Simplified! (ARS 100)

This is a functional course which is specifically designed for English speakers with no or very limited background knowledge of Arabic.The course is conducted in a highly methodical approach and covers an introduction to the language needs of a variety of real-life situations. It aims to be a stepping stone to Arabic conversation and catalyze a solid foundation in the study of Arabic grammar.

Course Image No Doubt - Conveying Islam with Compassion and Reason (DHD 100)

In an age of science and reason certainty is an illusive prize. No Doubt is specialist dawah course to empower you to convey Islam with compassion and reason .This course has been designed to empower you to respond the atheist, sceptic and competing religious narratives using Islamic references. Instructor enters into their world of logic and uses it to refute their opinions and support belief in One Supreme Creator. He presents valid evidence of Quran and sunnah which all point to the belief in One Creator.