General Questions (FAQ)

IOU has introduced an annual payment system where the amount of contribution is decided by the student. The amount ranges from 1 USD per month (12 USD annually) to 10 USD per month (120 USD annually). Please note, Students will be required to pay fees annually.

A course facilitator is assigned to each course. The email address of the facilitator is displayed on the course page. Students may contact the facilitators for any issue they face, whether it is some topic they do not understand or general questions concerning the study etc. For technical support we have another dedicated email address Always sign off your emails with your Name and DP student ID for better identification.

Please check your spam/ junk folder. If it isn’t there either please send an email to, mentioning your full name and the email ID you used to create the Free Study Account.

You can start any class at any time, following your convenience. However, we recommend to start with the level one courses and then continue with the higher levels. Some courses have live sessions, which will be announced well in advance. These sessions are dedicated to special questions and are not required to study and complete the course.

There is no time limit for the diploma courses as long as you stay active on a regular basis. If you do not access a diploma course for more than 90 days, you run the risk of being unenrolled. In general we recommend completing each course as soon as possible.

Yes, you may take more than one course at a time but we recommend to not study too many courses in parallel. One course at a time is usually best.

Yes you may do so. Also you may re enrol again anytime.

Starting the course(s) is very easy. Once you have yourself enrolled in a course, you will have before you a series of modules each consisting of text, (usually) audio, and video sources. All you have to do is read the text thoroughly, watch/listen to the video/audio component and proceed to the quiz of that particular module. The quizzes are all Multiple Choice Questions. Be sure to read the Course Instructions once you join the course.

No. All tests and exams on the IOU are closed book.

No. All tests and exams on the diploma courses are unsupervised. You may do them from wherever you are.

We recommend the students to go back to the module text and audio/video components and go through them thoroughly before attempting the quiz once again. For this reason, we do not follow the system where students get to know the right answers. However, their mistakes are pointed out so as to help them improve.

80% thereafter which you may proceed to the next module. However, if you want to better your score, you will be allowed to re-attempt the quiz after the given date.

That is the default system. Even if you ace the test, it would state your re-attempt date and time. You may move on to the next module, and not re-attempt the test.

If you do not have much access to the internet, you can download and save the materials on to your PC. The lessons have all been pre-recorded, therefore you may work through the recorded videos at your own pace to suit your own schedule. However, you will have to be online to access the quiz, which usually will not take up too much of your time (depending on your network and server).

After you complete the course with an average of 80% overall you can issue your certificate by clicking on the certificate link which is under the Final Exam or in the activities block on the top left side of the course page. For courses that do not have this link please email

After you complete 24 courses please email requesting the certificate.
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